Benjamin’s contact juggling is characterized by his unique aesthetic, combining his personal style of dance and object manipulation.

Also skilled at club work and knives, Benjamin sets the stage with a show guaranteed to amaze. Completely at home in an upbeat circus act, Benjamin’s performance can just as easily be quietly introspective and moving. All shows are well attended by professionalism, skill, and charisma.

Noticeably absent is gravity, who always seems to have pressing engagements elsewhere.

Roving Circus (15 minutes, 3x/hour)
Benjamin will bring his immense talent and incredible energy to brighten your event. These vignettes will add bursts of excitement to any occasion, allowing your guests to continue to enjoy themselves while providing an atmosphere of spectacle for their enjoyment!

The Showcase (15 minute Circus/LED Show)
A delightful and entertaining show, showcasing a unique spin on traditional circus arts. Juggling, whip cracking, and more!

The Entertainer (30 minute Circus/LED Show)
Like The Showcase, but with greater audience participation and more dangerous and impressive tricks and stunts!