How long have you been performing?
Benjamin has been performing as a professional performing artist since 2008, and has amassed hundreds of shows worth of experience in the time since.

Are you insured?
Benjamin has been fully insured with Specialty Insurance since 2010, carries $3 million per event coverage, and is more than happy to provide a certificate of insurance and/or certificate additionally insuring a venue or organization at no charge.

Do you teach workshops?
Absolutely! Whether for a corporate retreat, a festival, or any other event, workshops on prop-manipulation, musicality, performance technique, and much more are available. Please contact me for more details!

How safe is your fire performance?
As safe as possible given that this is, literally, playing with fire. Benjamin strictly adheres to the NAFAA safety guidlines (available for download). This means, amongst other factors, that all tools and equipment are regularly inspected, all fire shows are attended by an additional professional Fire Technician, and that Benjamin is personally well versed and trained in the specifics of risk management and avoidance regarding flame effects in various venue locations.

Can you perform indoors?
Certainly! Permitting notwithstanding, fire performance is absolutely possible indoors. If for any reason fire is not allowed, glow or LED props make a phenomenal substitute, and are also available. Aerials require a propperly safe rigpoint, indoors or out.

Is that real fire?