Once again I got to go down to Providence, RI to perform at Waterfire! This was "Elemental: WaterFire Providence’s Benefit Bash at Waterplace Restaurant," and the way they had set up the location for the fundraising part of the evening was stunning!

While I still have yet to clarify with the Artistic Director of the event if they'd like to have me perform as a fire breather again, I had a great time as a fire dancer and fire eater. They'd roped off an area above and to the side of the outdoor seating section, provided the attendees with an upward view of the staged area. The stars that are so iconic a part of Waterfire decorations were hung at eye-level with myself, creating this fascinating sensation for myself that I was dancing in space.

I've always enjoyed these gigs, and I'm excited to be back this coming Saturday for a Full Lighting!