Well, the past four months have been amazing! The Boston Circus Guild just finished our first four month run as an Artist in Residence at Club Oberon. The Speakeasy Circus; one night a month, two shows a night!

This has been a fantastic experience, having the opportunity to really sink into a more fully fledged theatrical production has been rewarding on an artisitc level I don't often get to enjoy much these days. We had the pleasure to get feedback, not just from the audience and our peers, but from the American Repertory Theatre (A.R.T.) as well. Having the venue take such a personal interest in the success and development of the show allowed us to spend more time really getting the nitty-gritty details down; how does the light transition lighn up with the sound-cue and so on.

My fellow performers have been amazing throughout all of this as well. There's been handbalancing, corde-lisse, trapeze, tippy-lyra, contortion, group juggling, burlesque, hooping, and more!