It's always a pleasure to perform as part of the Boston Circus Guild! Once again I had the honor to head out to Philadelphia, PA to perform for M. Night Shyamalan's non-profit's Halloween bash. Unlike last year I was cleared to welcome the VIPs in with a fire eating set - though I admit that true to form, most attendees made a bee-line for the bar; hardly acknowledging either myself or my friend Ryan Freeze who was embodying this phenomenal Steampunk stilt-walker.

After the VIP reception we moved across the street to the main venue, The Foundry at the Filmore, and I made sure to stake my claim on the dance floor before it filled up to get some LED poi spinning in. After the crowd thickened I switched over to contact juggling, while Marina Petrano and Melissa Knowles continued to, quite literally, fit themselves into smaller and smaller spaces (that's how the contortionists DO).

I got to close the night's performances with my whip routine, cracking the heads off of roses. The came right on the tale of the auction, and well into the night when the audience was perhaps... less inhibited than they could be. Still, everyone was well behaved, and after Marina helped demonstrate some fancy contortion positions, we were able to get a few attendees up on stage to try it for themselves!

As with last year, I'm excited to have this opportunity again in 2017!