...and sometimes I have the pleasure of performing at an event I've booked...

As you may well know, I own Con Moto Entertainment, a high-end entertainment company. We had the pleasure to book the majority of the 2016 Halloween Party for Cognex, in full Medieval attire. My good friends Marina Petrano and Chloe Wailer were available; the former for a sword fight and the latter to perform their bottle-waling act. MVP goes to Paul Hudert, an amazing juggler, and knife thrower, and MC, AND he (and his assistant) were able to provide costuming for everyone.

For myself, I performed my whip act, snapping the head off roses held in hand, between teeth, and pinched between Marina's toes in a contortion forearm-stand (THAT was awesome). I also performed the sword-fight with her, having choreographed a new routine just for this show.

Will we get to do this again next year? I would very much like to, but it's too soon to say. I know they change their theme every year, and I'm curious to see what they come up wth for 2017!