I swear, Canada's this bastion of artistic acceptance. Everything from the lack of red-tape to cut through in order to perform legally as an American to the social acceptance of "Artist" as a job title.

I had the pleasure to perform for the City of Brampton at their annual Tree Lighting event. There were ballet dancers, character actors, and laser shows. I was there to main stage a Visual Poi show, immediately followed by a fire show. The crew even went out of their way to provide a canvas tarp to roll out for the fire breathing finale - in order to help keep the stage clean and clear for the act immediately following.

The crowd was nice and appreciative. I do believe they had it down - no one wants this 15-30 minute show. Audiences only have the attention span these days to focus for 4-7 minutes per act, tops. I may need to start trying to educate the American clients I work with to adopt a similar attitude, though I understand that to their mind it's a "band-for-your-buck" sort of mentality.

Will I get to do this again? I'm unsure. I would like to, but I suppose it really depends on whether or not someone more local steps up to fill the specific performance roll that was left empty with Terrance Drake retired.